Youtuber sjsafety18 gives some tips on how to get your man on board (or just letting him jump ship) with your natural/transitioning hair. 

Obviously, this is pretty cute. Hearing a dude speak so intelligently and knowledgeably about natural hair is pretty cool. It’s not something I see ever often, so it’s really quite refreshing.

One thing that made my smile kinda shrink is how he mentioned his “favorite hair texture” though. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own likes & preferences, but I feel like the comment kind of alienates other people with textures that don’t fall into his favorite category. Now I’m pretty sure he meant no harm by the remarks, I just feel like he could have said it differently or something. 

Again, he has the right to like what he likes and speak on it if he pleases… Just like I have the right to give a little side eye to some opinions. (cause I did! lol) 

But other than that, it’s still a really really cute video. New & old naturals can probably gain something from this. 


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  3. chanelj answered: WOW!! He knows about more hair types than I do.
  4. f8ed answered: He’s awesome. He knows more about natural hair journey than me and I been on this journey for a decade!
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    I hope find someone has supportive as him
  6. bourgeoisboobear answered: I can’t disagree with you more! It doesn’t ‘alienate’ people with other textures, he simply likes 4a hair n politely expressed that here.
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